Aargh is an exploration into the mechanics of speech. Inspired by the famous Wolfgang Von Kempelen, Aargh explores the possibilities to create a site specific sound installation for the 9th floor of the Overtoon office building. This particular building stands high and free in the city center of Brussels. Wind has a strong impact on it. The offices are drafty spaces when you open them up on both sides. Can the energy created by the wind be used as a force or input to generate sound. Possibly something which remotely sounds like speech.

Met de steun van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
Time is a technology
Photo's © Kristof Vrancken / Z33
Sound and movement are inextricably linked together. Movement and vibrations turn into audible sound and back again. In 'Sense of Sound' sound manifests itself in many shapes and forms: vibrations, magnetic fields, electrical discharges or waves of feedback. But the various works have one thing in common: sounds can always be traced back to friction that makes the world move. From the resonance on your skull to your middle ear or from fluctuating voltage to a vibrating magnet. Sound is created when energy escapes and through air or materials transforms itself into a sensory sensation. Sense of Sound is a cooperation between Z33 and Overtoon, a production facility in Brussels and a stage for sound and media art.

All the works of art in the exhibition are new productions created by current or future Overtoon residents.

With works by Gert Aertsen, Christoph De Boeck, Aernoudt Jacobs, Stéfan Piat, Katerina Undo, Jeroen Uyttendaele and Jeroen Vandesande.
So it goes...
So it goes..
"Well, here we are Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why."

Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five
This installation was developed for a one evening event which took place on the 11th floor of an abandoned office building. 26 artists where asked to create a small piece of max 3 min. All these pieces were to be shown or performed in consecutive order. The event was organized by 2m3 and took place in the beginning of 2014 in Brussels.
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State of Stability
"There can be no silence up in the mountains, since their very contours roar. And for there to be silence, time itself has to attain a sort of horizontality; there has to be no echo of time in the future, but simply a sliding of geological strata one upon the other giving out nothing more than a fossil murmur"

Jean Baudrillard, America
State of Stability State of Stability State of Stability
Exercising slow
All questions about motion or speed are only complete with an appropriate frame of reference.
Exercising slow at 50.8357°N & 4.3615°E, I find myself in between projects, exploring our perception of time in preparation of a new installation.
Code & snippets
Gert Aertsen@2m3
Tender Buttons
Built on top of the intercom system in an abandoned student restaurant, this automaton recites from Gertude Stein's Tender buttons: Objects, food & rooms.
A tribute to Karl Nessler
The ATKN project explores the fundamental precondition of wireless communication : you need energy to communicate! A windmill with vertical axes, uses the displacement of air to harvest energy. Only when an efficient amount of energy is reached it will establish a wireless link with a remote site ( another windmill). The speed of the windmill and the amount of energy generated defines the quality of the connection. Energy is directly coupled to communication. Air will generate energy which will produce communication and fill the airspace. Sound and image will be sent back and forth from one location to the other, if conditions allow it.
A tribute to Karl L. Nessler, ATKN
SE/30:Welcome to the 20th century back
Thoughts go by air
It should not be too difficult to build a species of independently flying creatures that communicate among each other, using human energy and presence. Like Hitchcock's birds suggest: with their own systems of collective and collaborative intelligence driving on humans mobility as a source and interface.
This is the first test of a flock of balloons that can typically communicate with another flock in a distance, and exchange information regarding its own shape and movement. It can learn to adapt and act differently than local observations would suggest. Hence it will enact on human forms of gathering like: parties, openings/closings, bingo events, artbot shows, exhibitions and performances. Plans are drawn to have simultaneous flocks in Den Hague (Nederland), Trnva (Slovakia) and Brussels (Belgium).
"Of course due to the lack of wings on human bodies" (Chip Kali) "Machines that deal with people rather than people that deal with machines!" (Lahaag)
Roving Walter Walter
Roving Walter Walter Roving Walter Walter Roving Walter Walter
Roerdomp the shy bird of Genk
For Ieva Epnere, 2013
Sound installation
The Transparent Beehive
For Annemie Maes, 2012
Hardware, together with Vincent Malstaf
Physical Cosmology
For Carole Mucke, 2011
Physical Cosmology
Sound, light and electronics
Sensory room
For Sarah & Charles, 2010
Sound, light and electronics
For Jasper Rigole, 2009
OUTNUMBERED, a brief history of imposture, 2009, is an installation that generates a moving image using a found panoramic photograph from 1936. The installation is computer-controlled and generates an aleatoric narrative using an extensive database of people who, in some way, are associated with imposture.
Hardware, software, electronics, together with Ian Gyselinck & Jan Willem de Haan